Donsje was founded by Florentine van Oosten Slingeland in 2013. When she couldn’t find the perfect shoe for her baby daughter, Florentine decided to make her own. Two boys later, she is designing irresistible booties and sandals and has added accessories and clothing to the Donsje range. Donsje’s signature style reflects Florentine’s love of vintage fashion, subtle powder shaded and high quality leather. She is inspired by the beautiful illustrations in the books she reads to her children, the flowers they pick, the crafts they make and the toys they love. It’s a true family affair. Her husband Skief has also joined the company. Little daughter Vosse had the final say on which animals made the cut for Donsje’s bestselling Kapi animal booties and bags. Florentine’s sons have also been put to work road testing the durability of Donsje shoes and ensuring they are toddler-proof! 


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